Peakwork AG


We have standardized the Peakwork documentation and have made it available via the central site:

This site replaces other documentation formats as the LPAC Wiki and At you will find the latest version of each documentation.

A search by keywords helps you finding the desired information - for example, detailed technical manuals for various components and interfaces as well as release notes.

We welcome any ideas and suggestions for improving the documentation. Please send us an email with your suggestions to

How to access the documentation?

If you have already access to the Peakwork SSO service (e.g. Peakwork Box), you need to request the access to the documentation by sending an email with your name, email address and contact person at Peakwork to We will process your request and you will receive an email with further information.

If you are new to the Peakwork technology, proceed as follows to request access to the documentation:

  1. Send an email with your email address and contact person at Peakwork to (note that the user name will be your email address with small letters)
  2. We will process your request.
  3. When your request has been accepted, an account will be created for you and an invite will be sent to you including following information:
    • "...To do so, please click the following link: {link}. There, you need to create a password for your user name {username}. An overview of the available applications (after signing in) is to be found in in the menu "Applications". There, you may access the applications by clicking the links, if available...."
  4. Click the link to set the password as described in the email.

Diese Registrierung ermöglicht Ihnen, sich für alle für Sie verfügbaren Peakwork Produkte über das SSO anzumelden.

You have now successfully registered at the Peakwork SSO and may call the site This registration enables you to log in to all Peakwork products available to you via the SSO. When clicking the link, you will be directed at first to to login via the Peakwork SSO.