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Maximise reach with new global opportunities

Peakwork solutions for accommodation providers

World-class solution for accommodation upselling

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Global supply and packaging

With Peakwork, you can distribute your hotel and accommodation content on a global scale for both traditional and dynamic packaging, while benefiting from secure package bookings with optimized margins and reduced cancellations.

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Scalable technology

Peakwork’s high performance cache technology manages increasing web traffic, so your product offering is scalable across multiple distribution channels worldwide.

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High performance travel network

Offer your accommodation portfolio to a worldwide network of leisure travel partners and exchange individually calculated rates for new sales channels while retaining full control of your rates and inventory.

Introducing the Peakwork solution for accommodation providers:

Differentiate from the market with a compelling product offer: Combine your room offers with the best flights to create tailor-made, competitive travel packages, where room rates and margins remain invisible. 

Accommodation providers can benefit from a single search and booking API connection to selected travel business partners, such as tour operators, airlines, OTAs and metasearch to distribute products globally. 

With multiple connections to our accommodation providers, Peakwork offers access to an extensive portfolio of worldwide hotels and accommodations with just one single API. 

Take advantage of the ever-growing metasearch channel by offering your accommodation, flights, and packages with high performance search connectivity.

  • Package and sell empty beds

  • Access leading flight suppliers’ portfolios and accommodation suppliers

  • Maximize revenue per room with flexible pricing

  • Expand sales network from a single API

  • Easy website integration

  • Increase sales with a new distribution model

  • Speedy connectivity to fulfillment service partners

  • Facilitate global and secure payments

  • Enable direct room distribution via OTAs and metasearch

  • Maximize revenue per room with flexible pricing

  • Increase booking performance

  • Expand sales network from a single API

  • Maximize revenue per sales channel

  • Offer powerful search options to boost website conversion

  • Reduce distribution costs by connecting directly to partners

  • Maximize reach by offering your portfolio to a global audience

  • Unlimited access to a global accommodation supply network

  • Maximize sales by closing product gaps using additional inventory

  • Global supply ID matching and property mapping of facilities and amenities

  • High data accuracy with additional rich destination content

  • Control product offering and markups down to room type level

  • Reduce connection cost by utilizing the Peakwork sourcing network

  • Maximize revenue with third party ancillary partners

  • Expand sales network from a single API

  • Increase booking performance

  • Extend your customer base with metasearch facilities

  • Increase sales with a new distribution model

  • Increase data accuracy

  • Reduce distribution costs with direct booking integration to our metasearch partners

  • Maximize reach by offering your complete portfolio to a global audience

  • Benefit from metasearch know-how and integration with Koddi

  • Optimize spend and returns by integration with bidding partner platforms


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